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Now supporting the Escort 9500ci, Blinder Laser Shifter, Bel STi-R and other defensive systems, contact us for more details!
Need a custom modification based on your current mirror? Send in your details via the inquiry form for an estimate.
Modified mirrors are available for several vehicles now, check out them out on the available mirrors page.


Blinder Extreme Outlet
The Blinder Extreme Outlet, is your premier source for the best pricing on Blinder Extreme laser defense systems. Purchase your Blinder from the Blinder Extreme Outlet and have it integrated in to your Stealth Mirror.


Laser Interceptor
Laser Interceptor is an active Laser Jammer, which means it sends out beams blocking police lasers, as opposed to radar detectors that will only warn you your speed has been measured. Laser Interceptor is a LIDAR triggered Laser Jammer that transmits a Jamming Beam only upon detection of a LIDAR signal and does so for the duration of that signal and then immediately disengages when that signal is no longer detected.



Installation Services in Southern California
StealthMirror.com is pleased to announce an affiliation with MethodSound.com, a premier provider of installation services for car audio, radar/laser systems and other automotive products. If you are in the SoCal area be sure to check them out for all of your installation needs, including the Valentine V1 with StealthMirror integration.

Valentine V1 Color Displays
Looking to make your V1 alerts more recognizable? Fed up of trying to figure out which band triggered the alert and the signal strength? Check out the multi-colored display modification below, get your concealed display modified with multi-colored LEDs for instant identification of the threat.

For the ultimate install combine a multi-color concealed display with your stealth mirror, inquire for details here. If you would like to purchase a standalone color display or have your existing display modified you can find details and more pictures here.


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