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Product Showcase
Welcome to the Stealth Mirrors showcase, here you can browse projects that have been created to get ideas for a solution that would be suitable for your car. Some of these mirrors may be available for immediate delivery or similar ones can be custom made to your specifications.

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Porsche 997 Manual Dim Mirror With Escort 9500ci Display
This is an OEM mirror from a Porsche 997, the mirror has been etched to allow the display for an Escort 9500ci radar detector / laser shifter to show through the glass.
Porsche 997 Mirror with Color Valentine V1 Display
Porsche 997 mirror with the concealed display for the Valentine V1 radar detector etched in to the glass..
Ferrari 360 Mirror With Color Valentine V1 Display Embedded
This is an original Ferrari mirror that has had the mirror glass etched such that a (color modified) V1 display can be integrated in to the glass.
GenTex HomeLink Mirror With Escort 9500ci
GenTex auto-dimming mirrors are installed as standard in thousands of cars or can be added afterwards as an upgrade. This mirror has been etched to allow the Escort 9500ci display to show through the glass.
Audi RS4 Floating Compass Mirror
This original equipment Audi mirror has the display for the Escort 9500ci as well as an LED alert for a Laser Interceptor shifter mounted behind two-way glass such that they are invisible when switched off.
Mini Mirror With Two-way Glass and Disappearing Valentine V1 Display
This is a standard Mini mirror, the glass has been replaced with a two-way mirror with the Valentine V1 display mounted behind it. When the detector is switched off the display disappears. The photograph shows some doubling of the display, this is just a result of photographing mirrors.
Chevrolet Camaro Auto-dimming OnStar Mirror
This is an OEM mirror from a Chevrolet Camaro, the V1 Concealed Display has been mounted behind the glass, full OEM functionality has been retained such that this can be swapped directly with the standard Camaro mirror.
Universal HomeLink Mirror (Chevrolet, Nissan, Infiniti, Subaru)
This universal HomeLink mirror is standard equipment on thousands of cars, this particular mirror is auto-dimming and has a HomeLink transmitter built in. The mirror glass has a color modified concealed display mounted behind it.
Audi TT / Chrysler Crossfire
This is an OEM mirror for an Audi TT or Chrysler Crossfire, the glass has been replaced with high quality two-way glass to disguise the V1 concealed display such that it is almost invisible when the display is off. The display has been professionally modified to replace the red LEDs with colored lights for easier identification of threats.
Universal Auto-Dimming (Nissan, Infiniti, most US Brands)
This generic auto-dimming mirror will fit any car with a wedge mount mirror or can be combined with an adaptor or the included wedge mount to fit any car.
Porsche Boxster/Cayman (and other models)
Porsche Boxster/Cayman standard OEM mirror with Valentine V1 concealed display embedded within it. This mirror has manual dimming via a tile mechanism, the jack connector for the V1 is on the rear of the mirror as well as the mute/mode switch to control the radar detector.
Porsche Cayenne
This is a standard OEM mirror for a Porsche Cayenne that has been modified to include the V1 concealed display. The jack plug connector and mode/mute switch are on the rear of the mirror for convenient hookup/access.
Auto-Dimming HomeLink Mirror (OEM for Nissan, Infiniti and others)
This Gentex auto-dimming home link mirror is delivered as standard equipment on thousands of cars. This mirror has the Valentine V1 concealed display mounted within it while retaining the auto-dimming and home link functions.
BMW M3 "Oval"
Standard OEM "Oval" mirror from a BMW M3/M5. This mirror is fitted with two-way glass with the V1 concealed display mounted behind it. When the V1 is switched off the display disappears such that the mirror appears to be a regular mirror. Due to the mirror being replaced this mirror no longer retains the auto-dimming feature.

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