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Now supporting the Escort 9500ci, Blinder Laser Shifter, Bel STi-R and other defensive systems, contact us for more details!
Need a custom modification based on your current mirror? Send in your details via the inquiry form for an estimate.
Modified mirrors are available for several vehicles now, check out them out on the available mirrors page.
Welcome to StealthMirror.com
Specialized, custom solutions for radar detector and laser systems. We are pleased to offer custom integration services for major brands of radar detector and laser systems in your car. We specialize in integrating the display and controls for your radar detector or laser system into your rear view mirror for the ultimate in convenience, integration and control.

When integrating your display into the rear view mirror there are two main options, etched glass where the mirror is modified such that the display is visible through a clear section of glass or use of a two-way mirror for a display that is invisible when switched off but shines through the mirror when active.

Integration services began with the display for the Valentine V1 radar detector, we are now pleased to also offer integration services for the Escort 9500ci radar detector, Bel STi-R, Blinder Laser systems and many others.

As most solutions are custom built to your requirements it is difficult to offer an "off the shelf" solution, to find out what would be involved please fill out the inquiry form and we will get back to you within twenty-four hours.

Please note that this service provides the integration for the display and controls for your existing laser or radar system, the system is not embedded in the mirror, it must be located elsewhere in your vehicle.


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